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The Ripped 365 2.0 & LEAN BODY COMBO PACKAGE! is the perfect choice for individuals looking to effectively lose fat and sculpt their bodies. This easy to follow program offers a blend of diet, exercise and lifestyle advice backed by science, helping you achieve your desired results quickly and safely.


- This guide is 43 pages of diet and training, ABSOLUTELY no photos, fluff or fillers.

-I made it very easy for you to understand at any fitness level. When you are done reading this e-book you will have all the information you need to lean bulk like a professional bodybuilder

-PLUS 12 intense workouts that you will love. These are NOT cookie cutter, copy and paste workouts. These are my own personal workouts, written exactly as I would perform them with notes on how to correctly flow through the program! 



  • Understand how to set up your diet and macros to lean bulk correctly. Explained in an easy to understand way

  • Works with any schedule! I will show you how to fit this training program into your schedule with different training splits

  • I will provide you with 2 actual days of what I eat during my lean bulk dieting phase. 

  • 12 full intense workouts created by me! All workouts incorporate intensity technique training. Which I have used my entire life to maintain a lean physique year round. This is high volume training at it's best!

  • 1 Back Volume workout         1 Back Intensity workout

  • 1 Chest Volume workout         1 Chest Intensity workout

  • 1 Biceps Volume workout        1 Biceps Intensity workout

  • 1 Triceps Volume workout        1 Triceps Intensity workout

  • 1 Leg Volume workout              1 Leg Intensity workout

  • 1 Shoulder volume workout  1 Shoulder intensity workout



*electronic download - NON REFUNDABLE 


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