Ripped 365  2.0- A lean bulk program and guide

    Ripped 365 2.0- A lean bulk program and guide

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    -The most comprehensive and easy to understand lean bulk guide ever.
    - This guide is 43 pages of diet and training, ABSOLUTELY no photos,fluff or fillers.
    -I made it very easy for you to understand at any fitness level. When you are done reading this ebook you will have all the information you need to lean bulk like a professional bodybuilder
    -PLUS 12 intense workouts that you will love. These are NOT cookie cutter, copy and paste workouts. These are my own personal workouts, written exactly as I would perform them with notes on how to correctly flow through the program! 


    • Understand how to set up your diet and macros to lean bulk correctly. Explained in an easy to understand way

    • Works with any schedule! I will show you how to fit this training program into your schedule with different training splits

    • I will provide you with 2 actual days of what I eat during my lean bulk dieting phase. 

    • 12 full intense workouts created by me! All workouts incorporate intensity technique training. Which I have used my entire life to maintain a lean physique year round. This is high volume training at it's best!

    • 1 Back Volume workout         1 Back Intensity workout
    • 1 Chest Volume workout         1 Chest Intensity workout
    • 1 Biceps Volume workout        1 Biceps Intensity workout
    • 1 Triceps Volume workout        1 Triceps Intensity workout
    • 1 Leg Volume workout              1 Leg Intensity workout
    • 1 Shoulder volume workout  1 Shoulder intensity workout



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