Get certified to teach my nationally accredited Boxing and weight training program! This program is taking off and we are currently working with big gyms to get the program in. Those gyms include YMCA, GOLDS and UFC.

What is it?

Boxing & Barbells is a Boxing & Weight Lifting Certification Course designed to educate fitness professionals, boxing trainers, weight lifting enthusiasts and boxing & fitness enthusiasts in the field of boxing, weight training and group fitness.

We combine the principles of authentic boxing training and weight lifting with fitness training to form an authentic class format that is structured and consistent. A plug-n-play program you can implement into your class schedule.

The course will provide the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills, and hands-on training to structure safe and effective Boxing & Barbells training classes and sessions with your own clients in a private or group settings.

We offer online and in person certifications. Check out our website for more information.